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Superfresco Wallpaper Range is one of the world’s leading wallpaper brands. Superfresco wallpaper has a textured surface that is great for covering any pesky lumps and bumps on the surface of your wall. This is a range of wallpaper which is extremely versatile and accessible. It is flat backed for ease of application and when you fancy a change it even comes off easily, because 'what goes up must come down.'

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  • Superfresco Colours

    Superfresco Colours wallpaper range is renowned for keeping an eye on the latest key trends while still catering for traditional tastes. These wallpapers also have the advantage in covering up those pesky lumps and bumps which our walls inevitably accumulate over time.

  • Superfresco Easy

    Superfresco Easy wallpaper range is part of the well-known Superfresco textured wallpaper brand. The reason this wallpaper collection is called Superfresco Easy is because everything about is is easy. All the wallpaper colours in the range mix and match allowing you to create an individual yet, coordinating interior design scheme. It is easy to hang due to the fact that it uses paste the wall application and so cuts decorating time in half. It also peels off easily so when you are ready for a new look it is easy to strip. The Superfresco Easy Collection includes over 200 wallpaper patterns and colour combinations.

  • Superfresco Flock Effect

    The Superfresco Flock Effect wallpaper collection consists of bold designs and colours with the aesthetic of real flock. There’s also the added bonus of a smaller price tag than real flock and all the benefits of superfresco features. Superfresco wallpapers are flat backed for ease of hanging. They also have the added advantage of being the ideal paper to cover lumps and bumps on walls where otherwise these imperfections would detract from the beautiful wallpaper design.

  • Superfresco Texture

    Superfresco texture is perfect for for the way we live today. Moderns lifestyles are often fast paced life, but we still aim for that casual approach that helps us relax and feel comfortable. This range is made up of subtlety textured wallpaper which use glitters and lustrous metallics to create a laid back, casual living feeling. The texture created by embossing gives the finished wallpaper a hard-wearing and durable surface, ideal for those with young families or a busy home life. Easy to apply and remove superfresco texture has a look for all.

  • Superfresco Paintables

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