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If you are looking to add old world charm to your walls our favourite vintage wallpapers are perfect for adding a bit of faded grandeur to your home. These beautiful vintage style wallpaper designs replicate classic designs from yesteryear.
The desire for vintage is almost certainly because of a desire to bring back something that is aesthetically pleasing with a yearning for pattern that is that bit more formal and designs which are inspired by the familiar.
Vintage wallpaper with its subdued good taste satisfies a desire for complex patterns of stylised organic forms and motifs from nature. Though in its modern incarnation it had been reinvented and reinvigorated for new generations.
A predominant characteristic of vintage wallpaper is the structured patterns created through the use of subtle geometry together with a colour palette of quiet and subdued tones. The rich elegance of damask or tactile textured flocks have stood the test of time and are ideal if you are looking to create a timeless sophisticated ambiance.

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