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At the Start

What should I consider before ordering wallpaper?

One of the main things to consider is the condition of your walls. The better the condition, the more options you have. If your walls are damaged, have them repaired before you decorate. Slight damage to plaster can be covered up by lining paper and then wallpapering.

Is there a border or coordinating paper that will go with my wallpaper?

All our wallpapers are displayed with related products which will coordinate with your choice of wallpaper.

Does my wallpaper come in any other colours?

All our wallpapers are displayed with an alternative choice of available colours. If you are looking for a particular colour try searching using the wallpaper colour option

Pattern Repeats & Colour Match

What is a design or pattern repeat?

This indicates the depth, in cm or inches, of the wallpaper illustration. Wallpaper is printed using cylindrical rollers, with the design attached to the circumference of the cylinder. As a result after each revolution of the printing cylinder that pattern is printed again. This is the repeat - the design on the final printed wallpaper is repeated each time the roller turns. For example, visually you may see that every now and then on a wall the same flower head appears. This is the pattern repeating. Pattern repeats are often accompanied with a measurement, for example 64cm. This would indicate (in this example) the distance between the appearances of the first flower head and the second flower head. The biggest rollers - 64cm or 25" will give us the largest design repeat depth. Some designs repeat several times on the roller so create a much shorter design repeat, for example from as little as 2cm or 1".

What is the 'pattern match' on my wallpaper?

To create a great look, its important that where two sheets of wallpaper join the pattern on the roll matches. The pattern match can come in different forms. The main types are free match, straight match and offset match.

What is free match?

A free match is the easiest to hang. It basically means there is no matching required. So, no matter how the strips of wallpaper are hung, no visible join or seams need to be worried about. It also has the advantage of reducing the amount of wastage.

What is a straight match?

A straight match is where the left and right edges of the wallpaper strip match in a straight horizontal line with the left and right edges of the next strip of wallpaper.

What is an offset match?

An offset match is where the right hand edge of the first strip only matches with the left hand edge of the next strip, when the second wallpaper is dropped by a specified distance. So, if a wallpaper label states a 56/23cm offset match the design repeats every 56cm and the point at which they match from left to right is every 23cm.

What is a half drop pattern repeat?

The pattern repeats across the roll half way down the vertical repeat. This normally means allowing for extra length and cutting very carefully as each cut will start at the half repeat. The best way to be certain of buying enough wallpaper, is to work it out as if it were an ordinary repeat and add half a repeat to each drop, except for the first one.
Why is the batch number important?
It is always worth checking that the batch number on each roll is the same. There can be slight colour differences between production runs and batches.

Should I check the colour match?

It is advisable to check all colours match roll to roll and edge to edge. There can be slight colour differences between production runs and batches.

Kitchen & Bathroom

What type of wallpaper is best for use in my kitchen and bathroom?

Vinyl wallpaper is suitable for use in the kitchen or bathroom. Vinyl wallpapers resist moisture and are splash-proof although no wallpaper is recommended for use in direct contact with water.

Wallpaper Application

What paste should I use?

Most general and commercially available pastes are suitable for the majority of wallpapers. Many wallpaper manufacturers we work with, recommend using ready mixed paste for a superior finish. If you are using a heavy grade wallpaper a stronger adhesive may be required. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on which paste is recommended. Any solvent free, fungicide protected, ready-mixed adhesive will do the job.

How much paste will I need?

Ready mixed paste is available in 2.5kg containers which will cover approximately 25 meters of wallpaper, 5kg containers which covers approx 5 rolls or a 10kg tub which covers approx 10 rolls.

How do I hang conventional or ‘regular’ wallpaper?

Step 1: To cut the required lengths. Measure the drop from the ceiling or coving to the floor allowing approximately 50mm or 2 inch at both ends for trimming.

Step 2: To apply the paste. Apply the paste liberally, brushing outwards to evenly dispense the paste. A roller can be used to give an even distribution.

Step 3: Hang the wallpaper. Once you have hung a length of wallpaper:

Step 4: Let the paste soak. Leave the paste to soak following the instructions on the wallpaper label.

Step 5: Trim the excess paper. Trim the ends as soon as you have hung each strip. Do this by running the back of your scissors along the edge of the wallpaper; this will leave a visible crease on the front and back of the wallpaper, cut along this crease and brush back into place for a perfect finish.

Step 6: Remove excess paste from paper. Remove excess paste with a damp sponge immediately. To apply the next length repeat the process making sure to match the paper.

When should I use lining paper?

Lining paper gives a perfect base on which to hang wallpaper; therefore, it would be recommended.

What is cross lining?

This means hanging lining paper horizontally to give an even, professional finish when the top wallpaper is hung over it. Hanging lining paper horizontally will also avoid any prominent vertical seams being visible.

What is 'sizing'?

Sizing is a term used for applying a coat of paste to a wall prior to decorating. To size a wall apply a diluted solution of wallpaper adhesive to the wall prior to applying the paper. While not always necessary it is recommended if applying paper to a newly plastered, repaired or porous surface.

Calculating the Quantity of Wallpaper

Do you calculate the number of wallpaper rolls I will need?

Yes, we provide a wallpaper roll quantity calculator which will estimate the number of rolls you will need to order. You just need to measure the total width and length, in either metres or feet, of the walls you intend to paper and our calculator will do the rest. This calculation includes an extra 10% for pattern matching, based on the average pattern repeat, where relevant. Please note the quantity shown is an estimate calculated on a standard room layout.

Is there a simple manual rule for calculating the number of wallpaper rolls I need?

To manually calculate how many rolls of wallpaper you need use the following simple calculation:

  1. Measure the width of your wall and then divide this figure by the width of your chosen wallpaper.
  2. The result will tell you how many drops (strips) of wallpaper you need. You may have to round the number up.
  3. Multiply the number of drops by the height of the wall and you get the metres needed for your wall excluding the wallpaper pattern repeat.
  4. Multiply your wallpaper pattern repeat by the number of drops needed, minus one
  5. Add this figure to the metres needed without the pattern repeat and you get the final amount of metres for covering your wall.
  6. Divide this total amount of metres by the number of metres on a roll to determine the number of rolls needed.

Wall width is 450cms, wall height is 230cms
Wallpaper roll is 52cms wide, has a 42cms pattern repeat and there are 10mtrs on the roll

  1. 450cm divided by 52cm = 8.65
  2. 8.65 rounded up = 9 drops
  3. 9 drops x 230cm wall height = 2070cms
  4. 42cm pattern repeat x 8 (9 rolls - 1) = 336cms
  5. 336cm + 2070cm = 2406cms = 24.06mtrs
  6. 24.06mtrs divided by 10 metres on the roll = 2.46.
    As you cannot buy 2 rolls and 4mtrs, you will need to purchase 3 rolls.


What is 'Paste the Wall' wallpaper?

Paste the wall' papers allow you to apply your paste to the wall before hanging, rather than to the back of the wallpaper. Dry wallpaper weighs less and is more manageable which means there's less chance of it tearing. ‘Paste the Wall’ papers use a special backing paper that does not expand when it gets wet. It, therefore, doesn't need to soak and the paste can be applied directly to the wall.

Is 'Paste the Wall' wallpaper quicker and easier to hang?

As 'Paste the Wall' wallpaper does not need to soak you can save a lot of time compared to hanging regular wallpapers. The wallpaper can be hung more quickly and easily. Most people find that decorating time is cut by about half. Also, as there is no need for a pasting table, it's a lot cleaner and less messy too.

How do I hang ‘Paste the Wall’ wallpapers?

After following the normal checks of batches, and drawing a plumb line follow these 3 easy steps: Step 1: Paste the wall rather than the paper. This is the quickest, cleanest and easiest way to wallpaper as unlike conventional wallpaper you can paste the wall rather than the paper, meaning no soak time and no pasting table, cutting decorating time in half. Step 2: Hang dry straight from the roll. Because ‘Paste the Wall’ products are dimensionally stable when wet there is no need to soak them. This means the product can be hung dry from the roll, with less mess. Step 3: Trim for perfect finish. Because it is hung dry ‘Paste the Wall’ is easier to trim either with a knife or by running the back of your scissors along the edge of the wallpaper. This will leave a visible crease on the front and back of the wallpaper, cut along this crease and brush back into place for a perfect finish. Plus: It is easy to remove. ‘Paste the Wall’ is easy to remove when you fancy a change - simply lift a corner and peel upwards to remove.

Do I need a pasting table when using Paste the Wall?

There is no need for a pasting table, unless you want to hang like normal wallpaper and you find a flat surface helps when you're measuring out your lengths prior to hanging.

How much paste should be applied to the wall and how quickly do I need to hang the paper?

Simply paste as you need to hang, one section at a time. Do not paste the entire wall at once. This will give you plenty of time to hang the wallpaper. You should be able to see area of the wall you have pasted. To make it more clearly visible you could use a paste that is pink when applied but dries white.

Can 'Paste the Wall' wallpaper be used over lining paper?

Yes. You might find the lining paper may develop bubbles when it is pasted. This is normal and will dry out flat over time.

Can I paste the back of 'Paste the Wall' wallpaper?

Yes. If you find it easier to hang conventionally then you can paste the back of this type of wallpaper product. It should still be quicker as there is no soaking time.

Will 'Paste the Wall' wallpapers slide easily for pattern matching etc?

Yes, the wallpaper will slide into easily into place.

Can I hang a border over ‘Paste the Wall’ products?

Yes, for best results use a vinyl-to-vinyl adhesive and if hanging over a wallcovering, paste the border first.

What happens when I want to redecorate?

‘Paste the Wall' wallpapers peel off easily when it's time to redecorate so there's no need for steaming or soaking. Simply lift a corner at the base of the wall and peel upwards.

Do I need to size the wall for ‘Paste the Wall’ papers?

Whether or not you need to 'size' a wall is dependent upon the surface that you are applying the paper to, not the type of wallpaper. If your wall has been newly plastered or repaired we would recommend that you 'size' the walls in order to make sure all the moisture from the wallpaper paste isn't absorbed into the dry plaster.

Do I need special paste to hang 'Paste the Wall' wallpaper?

There is no need to use a special paste to hang 'Paste the Wall' wallpaper. However, a colour change paste which is coloured when applied to the wall so you can see where you have pasted but dry's clear may make the job even easier,.

Should lining paper be hung horizontally or vertically when used with a paste the wall wallpaper?

It is recommend that lining paper is hung horizontally in order to ensure that no seems are visible underneath the final paper.

Can the 'Paste the Wall' method be used for traditional wallpapers?

‘Paste the Wall’ papers have a special backing which does not expand, allowing it to be hung straight from the roll. However, most traditional wallpapers expand when wet, which means they must be left to soak before hanging.

Can I 'Paste the Wall' paper be used on painted walls?

Yes, other than on glossed walls you should have no problems on applying the wallpaper to painted walls.

Paintable Wallpaper

What types of paint should be used with paintable wallpaper?

Use a good quality matt emulsion paint and let it dry before applying other finishes, i.e. silk emulsion or satin/gloss oil paints. Always test on a small piece, preferably an off-cut, prior to applying emulsion.

Does Superfresco paintable wallpaper require painting straight away?

You do not need to paint Superfresco paintable wallpaper at all, however if you do wish to paint it you can.

Decorating Tips

What is a plumb line, and why is it important?

It is important to hang the first strip of wallpaper vertically. To do this mark a vertical line with a plumb bob (a weighted length of string) or spirit level, and draw a pencil line. This will give a vertical line to start hanging to.

How do you select a plain wallpaper to work with a feature wall?

When viewing a wallpaper design our coordinating products option will display a selection of plain or semi plain wallpapers we recommend as an appropriate match for the feature wallpaper you have selected

Should wallpaper be trimmed before or after it is hung?

It is always better to trim after hanging wallpaper. Run the back of your scissors along the edge of the wallpaper, this will leave a visible crease on the front and back of the wallpaper, cut along this crease and brush back into place for a perfect finish.

Can I use emulsion paint over lining paper?

Yes, lining paper will provide a good surface for all emulsion paint.

Ordering on the Wallpaperking Website

What forms of payment does Wallpaperking accept?

Wallpaperking accepts most major credit and debit cards including Visa, Switch, MasterCard, Maestro, Solo, Visa Electron and Delta.

Is your payment gateway secure?

Yes. Wallpaperking.co.uk uses secure payment transaction process through Sage Pay.

How do I know if my order been received?

Customers will receive a confirmation email confirming that the order has been received. When making a purchase you will also be invited to register with Wallpaperking.co.uk which will enable you to track and check the status of your order at any time simply by logging in to the My Wallpaperking section. You will also receive an email to confirm when the good have been dispatched or if the order has been delayed for any reason.

How much will delivery cost?

When you add any product to your Wallpaperking shopping cart you will be quoted a cost for delivery. For full details on delivery costs and times please see the WallpaperKing Delivery Information section.

How long will delivery take?

Orders to all destinations on the UK mainland will normally be delivered within 5 - 7 working days, unless otherwise stated. from receipt of order. Made to order items will typically take 14 days for delivery. Orders to other destinations may take slightly longer and will be dependent on postcode. For full details on delivery costs and times please see the WallpaperKing Delivery Information section.

Do you charge Value Added Tax on wallpaper?

All prices shown on Wallpaperking.co.uk have VAT included at 20%. (Orders for delivery outside the EU are free of UK VAT.)

Do you allow delivery to an address other than my own?

Unfortunately we do not permit deliveries to an address which differs from that of the invoice address.

What is your returns policy for damaged wallpaper?

All goods are thoroughly checked before dispatch to ensure they meet our high quality standards. However please check all products on receipt for colour, design, quality or imperfections. It is essential that such checks are carried out before cutting or hanging the rolls, as no claims will be accepted after hanging or cutting of the product. In the event that goods received by you are either faulty or damaged, you should contact us within three working days from the date on which you have accepted delivery of the goods. If the product is defective in any way or has a fault, a full replacement or refund will be made at no charge. Should your delivery arrive in a less than satisfactory condition, i.e. the box is damaged, please note this when signing for the delivery. A photograph of a damaged box will help indicate the cause of any problem. For full details on this see our Returns and Refunds Policy section.

If I order more wallpaper than I need can I return the unused rolls?

You have up until the end of seven working days after receipt of your order delivery to inform us if you wish to return your order and we will be happy to refund or exchange the product provided it is in fully resalable condition, undamaged and in the original packaging. However, we would always suggest keeping hold of any extra rolls to allow for repairs which may be needed as it could be difficult to reorder an exact colour match in the future. In addition, for up to 28 days after purchase goods may be returned provided they are in the original saleable condition for a refund subject to a 25% re-stocking charge. For full details on this see our Returns and Refunds Policy section.

Is the wallpaper depicted online an exact match of the product I will receive?

If you are not sure about the colour, pattern or texture of the wallpaper you wish to buy it is advisable to use the Wallpaperking sampling service. Wallpaper colour shown on your computer screen may vary slightly from the product itself. We do our best to ensure that the wallpaper photography matches as closely as possible with the product itself. However, as every computer monitor has different settings for brightness, contrast etc the result depicted may appear to be a shade lighter or darker than it is in reality.
How do I order a wallpaper sample?
Simply, browse to the particular wallpaper you are interested in and click the 'Buy Sample' button.

What size are the wallpaper samples?

In most case the samples are A4 in size. Those that are not will usually be A5 in size.

How much will it cost to order a wallpaper sample?

For customers in the UK and Ireland up to 2 samples can be ordered for £1.00 each, each additional sample thereafter attract a delivery charge. Samples will be sent by standard mail.

Other Wallpaper Questions

Can new wallpaper be pasted over existing wallpaper?

It is possible but not recommended. It can be done if you are hanging over a flat wallpaper but it is not possible to hang over textured or vinyl products, as the new paper will not adhere. For the best results and most professional finish it is always better to strip off any existing paper.

What is a vinyl to vinyl adhesive, and when do I use one?

This is mostly used for hanging a border on top of a flat or lightly textured vinyl wallpaper. Regular paste will not adhere to vinyl which is why a vinyl-to-vinyl adhesive is required.